Hello, we're CodeHappy!

a small team of Software Engineers from the Philippines with over a decade of industry experience and an insane love for what we do.

We provide Python Training and Consulting Services.

What We Do

We help teams become successful by enabling their Python development capabilities.

Technical Capability Building


We offer packaged and custom workshops for:

  • Core Python Development
  • Python Web Development
  • Python Data Processing
  • Linux Essentials
  • Git Essentials

We design and develop training courses according to your company's goals and needs.

Technical Leadership

R&D, software architecture, risk assessment, helping you create an implementation strategy as well as set-up an effective development process.

Team Culture Engineering

Cultivating team culture/collaboration, building camaraderie for a distributed team, facilitating a safe-space and fostering an engineering culture.

Our Values

Our work is defined by our 3 pillars:

  1. Python and Open Source.
  2. We focus on Python and Open Source Technologies. Python is our programming language of choice for work and hobby projects because it's very powerful yet still simple, practical and fun to use. Open Source because the open source culture is more than just about reusing free code to get products to market faster. It is an ethos that values openness, collaboration, and excellence.

  3. Software Craftsmanship
  4. We value and promote software craftsmanship.

  5. Engineering Culture
  6. We believe that a healthy team culture is key to building a passionate and high-performing team.

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